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Injury Rehab / Exercise Therapy

Doing particular exercises is often what leads to a successful outcome regarding a patients complaint/condition. Prescribing exercises is well back by research. Aims of exercises vary from person to person, however, they may be to:

  • Increase mobility / reduce stiffness

  • Increase strength / reduce weakness

  • Increase stability / reduce instability

  • Rectify faulty movement patterns

  • Improve balance

  • Enhance reflexes

At Prom Health, we are focused on functional exercise prescription, i.e. we prescribe exercises aimed at restoring or improving someone's ability to do particular activities, e.g. walk up stairs. Often isolated movements or muscles are targeted, much alike pilates. Soon after however, there is a focus on exercises that involve more complex movements and challenge the body in multiple ways.​

Dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise equipment
A person doing injury rehab exercises at Prom Health

We have an extensive range of equipment to help achieve this, including:

  • Dumbells (1-30kg)

  • Resistance bands

  • Ankle/wrist weights

  • Medicine balls (1-10kg)

  • Cable machines

  • Plyometric boxes

  • Sand & water bags

  • Weighted vests

  • Ab-wheels & carpet sliders

  • Bosu ball, dura disc

  • Exercise ball

Exercises are tailored to the individual. Examples include patients include:

  • Teenager with an ankle sprain

  • Pregnant woman with low back pain

  • Athlete with a knee sprain

  • Desk worker with poor core strength

  • Elderly person struggling to rise from a chair

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