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Home Care Packages

At Prom Health we are providers to a number of Home Care Package organisations. The application for a Home Care Package involves completing a 'service request'.

Once the service request is approved, you do not need to pay for the service, as we will invoice your provider directly for payment.

The list of current providers is as follows:

  • Mecwacare

  • Integrated Living

  • Just HCP

  • Lets Get Care

  • South Gippsland Hospital

  • Latrobe Community Health

Should your provider not be listed above, we can look into becoming a service provider for your Home Care Package. Please organise for your case manager contact us. 

Please note, there is an added service fee included in the consultations costs for the extra time that our receptionists need to organise this system and for the management of ongoing payments.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

We are providers to people with a self-managed NDIS package. This scheme provides patients with a certain amount of funding that can be either provided directly to the patient or managed indirectly through the chosen service provider. When funding is provided indirectly then the process is similar to Home Care Packages.

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