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Manual Therapy (hands-on treatment)

  • Massage - various types and depths. For example, inhibition, which is applying direct pressure to a trigger point in the body until it relaxes. Another example of massage is friction, which involves rapid, short movements over an isolated area.

  • Active myofascial release - a more active form of massage focusing on fascia (connective tissue) by incorporating movements by the patient. 

  • Muscle energy technique - a type of stretch in which the practitioner takes the patient into a stretch. The patient then repeatedly pushes against the practitioner & then relaxes.

  • Myofascial unwind - a gentle technique focusing on moving the patients body through muscle & fascial strain patterns.

  • Counterstrain - a gentle technique involving temporarily shortening aggravated tissues until they relax.

  • Joint mobilisation - the practitioner applies movement or traction joints in the body.

  • High velocity low amplitude (HVLA) - a technique involving a thrust to a joint generally leading to a cavitation/popping sound

With every treatment we use a range of techniques depending on your circumstances and needs. Often we will utilise most of the above techniques seamlessly throughout a single treatment, & typically we will combine multiple treatments styles together. We won't go through all of these factors during a consultation due to the time & disruption involved in explaining every element. In general, we explain that we will be doing hands-on treatment guided by our findings.

Two aspects in which we will provide warning & gain consent are when we expect part of the treatment to be more notably painful. Sometimes this is necessary to be able to achieve a particular result. Another aspect is regarding HVLA (popping) treatment. We pay particular attention to ensuring that you are comfortable with having this done & where appropriate, advise you of notable risks.

You always have a choice when it comes to the type & intensity of techniques used & you may stop treatment at any time.

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