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Photobiomodulation (High Power Laser)

High Power Laser Therapy or more formally Photobiomodulation, involves projecting near-infrared light waves into the body.

Main area of target the energy producing part of cells calls 'mitochondria'. Energy (photons) from the light waves interact with the parts of the mitochondria that lead to an increase in cellular metabolism which promotes tissue healing & a reduction in pain.

To ensure that the infra-red light waves target the relevant tissues with the right dosage, we input into the machine aspects such as the location & duration of condition, skin & body type. The light used is between a spectrum of 650-1300 nanometres in length which allows for penetration of deeper tissues.


The machines that we use are up to 25 watts in power. This is a more advanced machine and it ensures that sufficient amounts of energy can be transmitted to the deeper structures as much is reflected or absorbed superficially at the level of the skin. It also helps reduce the length of time for a session down to 2-10 minutes, allowing for other treatments to be used as well.

Photobiomodulation can be used for a wide range of conditions. We have found it most beneficial for speeding recovery of acute injuries & after surgery as well as assisting in the improvement of chronic/complex conditions, especially when other avenues have been tried such as exercise prescription, manual therapy & dry needling. We have also found it to be particularly helpful when treating achilles tendinopathy & plantar fasciitis in conjunction with radial shockwave therapy.

Lightforce photobiomodulation (high power laser) device.
Osteopath Xavier Grech using photobiomodulation laser therapy at Prom Health to the lumbar spine low back
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