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Rehab Gym

Prom Health has a rehab/exercise gym to help with recovery from injury, improve health and prevent illness. It's suited to people of all ages and walks of life. As you can read below, our exercise programs are very dynamic and engaging.

How do I use the rehab gym?

1. Receive an individualised rehab program.

Have a one on one consultation with an Osteopath at Prom Health who will give you a program with exercises tailored to your needs and abilities.

2. Use the rehab gym at your convenience.

Using our online booking system, book a multi-session pass or individual sessions for a time that suits you best.

3. Track your progress.

Use our software to track your progress and adapt your program either on your phone or via paper.

4. Review how you are going.

Organise a review with your osteopath somewhere between every 1-3 months to assess your progress and make things more interesting or challenging.


What do our programs focus on?

When you get a rehab program, what does this typically look like? Usually it's a range of very particular exercises all focusing on one particular part of the body. Some of the issues with this is that they:

  • Fail to address the person as a whole, i.e. to look beyond one or two factors of the individual such as beyond the an injury or their underlying health issue.

  • Are hard to stick to because there is a lack of variability and typically are limited to a very controlled range of exercises. There is often a lack of options or creativity allowed for when doing the exercises.

  • Don't challenge the person well enough across a broad domain of areas. Typically the sole focus is one area such as bone health, heart health, tendon or muscle health.

At Prom Health, we aim to take into account injuries, current state of health and the like and come up with rehab &/or exercise programs that:

  • Provide structure but encourage you to be creative and experiment with exercises. As this is keep you focused, continues to challenge you mentally and gives you the control that you need to continue to enjoy the program.

  • Are challenging across a broad range of areas such as balance, core strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. A wide range of equipment will generally be used with the number of exercises typically exceeding 10.

  • Give you the ability to track and allow for regular progression of exercises becuase our osteopaths will reasses you at certain intervals.

Because the rehab space is quite private, you can feel comfortable experimenting with new types of exercises and equipment without onlookers.

Reasons to use the rehab gym

  • Recover from injury.

  • Improve general health attributes such as strength, posture, balance, mobility & fitness. 

  • Minimise regression of particular chronic conditions, such as osteoporosis, parkinson's disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes & scoliosis.

  • Maintain posture, strength and stability during and after pregnancy.

  • Reduce the risk of falling and maintain adequate spatial awareness.

  • Improve ability to do general activities such as gardening, running and walking without pain.

Cost & duration

To start using the rehab gym is a 2 step process:


1. Organise a rehab/exercise program: start using the gym by first recieving a rehab/exercise program from our osteopaths. Contact us to make an osteopathy rehab/exercise appointment. Please let reception know that you are interested in using the rehab gym so that we can ensure that the space is available.

2. Schedule in sessions to use the gym at your own convenience. Book these sessions online. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

  • $15 for a single session

  • $50 for a 5 session pass (save $25)

  • $100 for a 10 session pass (save $50)


Our online booking system allows you to make an account so that you can edit or add sessions at your leisure.

Anyone using the gym must have already been prescribed exercises by osteopaths at Prom Health.

To learn more about the unique way that our osteopaths prescribe rehab and strengthening programs that you will actually commit to click here.
Osteopath Laura Malady prescribing exercises at Prom Health
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