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Radial Shockwave Therapy

Chattanooga shockwave device at Prom Health.

Radial Shockwave Therapy involves delivery of intense sound waves in short bursts.

Despite being widely used and validated for effectiveness, the exact mechanism of how shockwave therapy works remains unclear. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that physiological changes are created which lead to a chronic injury becoming more acute in nature. This then gives the body an opportunity to heal the area more adequately.

We have found shockwave therapy to be particularly beneficial for chronic injuries involving thick or stubborn connective tissue. Conditions include:

  1. Plantar fasciopathy or fasciitis

  2. Achilles tendinopathy

  3. Patellar tendinopathy

  4. Gluteal tendinopathy

  5. Calcific bursitis

Often we can adequately address connective tissue/tendon issues adequately using other methods such as manual therapy, however, we sometimes find creating change difficult due to the depth of restriction of this tissue. For example, the average thickness of an achilles tendon is 6mm, making it a very robust structure in the body. We have found shockwave to be an ideal means for creating change in such dense tissue.

At Prom Health, we use radial shockwave in conjunction with other treatments such as manual therapy, exercise prescription & photobiomodulation as tailored to the individual.

Xavier Grech Osteopath doing radial shockwave therapy at Prom Health
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