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Our Team

Dr. Laura Malady - Principal Osteopath


Laura owns Prom Health alongside her husband Xavier. They both graduated in 2016, with Laura from RMIT University.

She grew up in Stratford, Victoria. She has a down-to-earth approach to life and isn't afraid of a challenge. This, combined with a desire to help people and an interest in biology led to her choosing osteopathy as a career.

Osteopathy provided Laura with a western approach to health. She complemented this knowledge by completing a 2 year Hatha yoga course in 2019, in which she gained insight into the practice & philosophy of yoga how to apply this to modern life.

Laura's passionate about running, having completed many half & full marathons, including the Prom 45km trail run twice and the Surf Coast Century 50km trail run. She keeps up to date on knowledge about shoe technology, training approaches, sports nutrition and adapting training around the menstrual cycle.

Besides running, Laura regularly uses strength training, cycling & swimming to stay healthy. She also has experience in triathlons, tennis, netball & AFL.

Interest & Experience

Laura enjoys helping people of all ages, injuries and abilities.

Shoulder injuries

Hip tendinopathies and bursitis

Jaw problems

Kids and babies

Pregnant women

Pelvic instability

Running injuries & prevention

Sports rehab/prehab

Hands-on approach

Intensity of approach: gentle to moderately high.

Spinal adjustments (cracking): mid & low back (optional).​

Other treatment options


Yoga advice & prescription.

Exercise rehab/strength training.​

Dry needling.​

Taping - rigid & kineseotaping.

Shockwave therapy.

Photobiomodulation (high power laser).


Treats ages 0-90+


Monday - Friday

Dr. Xavier Grech - Principal Osteopath

Xavier owns Prom Health alongside his wife Laura. They both graduated in 2016, with Xavier from Victoria University.

Each summer holiday whilst growing up, Xavier helped make pool tables for his family company. All of the time spent using his hands has helped him develop some finesse with his hands-on skills as an osteopath.


Xavier achieved a high-distinction grade average through his 5-year osteopathy degree and was awarded dux in the final two years. He has also previously completed a Bachelor of Psychology.

Xavier has been involved in bouldering, strength training, jiu jitsu, basketball, football, sprinting & worked as a pilates instructor. These days, he enjoys trail running & cycling around the South Gippsland region & maintains a strength program.

Besides osteopathy, Xavier is particularly interested in learning about aspects that lead to a healthier lifespan, such as fasting, sleep hygiene, mental wellbeing and exercise.

Interest & Experience

Xavier enjoys treating all standard complaints but also finds enjoyment with more unique/challenging cases, such as:


Chronic pain

Failed surgery

End-stage arthritis

Surgery prevention


Anxiety & stress management

Nerve impingement

Disc injuries

Hands-on approach

Intensity of approach: moderate to high.

Spinal adjustments (cracking): neck, mid & low back (optional).​

Other treatment options


Exercise rehab/strength training.​

Dry needling.

Taping - rigid & kineseotaping.

Shockwave therapy.

Photobiomodulation (high power laser).


Treats ages 4-90+


Monday - Friday

Sandra Tracy - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sandra Tracy, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Prom Health

Sandra Tracy is qualified with a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the University of Technology Sydney, a four-year degree. Her expertise involves treatment using Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as adjunct therapies, cupping, moxa and tuina massage.


Sandra decided to train in TCM because she has always responded well to acupuncture. She sought treatment when her digestion didn’t seem right, and at other times when sleep was elusive. Through her studies she's discovered the wide range of illnesses that TCM may be able to help with.


Sandra has also studied Chinese classical herbal medicine with Sharon Weizenbaum of the White Pine Institute in Boston to deepen her understanding of herbal medicine.

Sandra grew up in Gippsland and has returned to live here at the start of 2024, so in a way she feels like she is returning home. She is a a keen cyclist, enjoys swimming & lifting weights. Sandra is looking forward to working in the diverse community of South Gippsland.

Treatment options


Herbal Medicine


Moxa (Moxibustion)

Tuina Massage


Treats ages 18-90+


Tuesday & Wednesday

Meaghan Standfield - Meditation Teacher

Meaghan is a dedicated meditation practitioner who embraces mindfulness as an integral part of her daily life. Her commitment to regular meditation reflects a broader understanding of its positive impact on mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life.

Meaghan's meditation classes are characterised by a thoughtful and intentional approach, exploring various techniques such as mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness practices, and focused breathing exercises.


She recognises the transformative power of meditation, not only for its immediate calming effects but also for its potential to promote resilience and emotional intelligence.

In her spare time, Meaghan enjoys spending time in the depths of nature doing multi-day hikes with her husband Mark. Meaghan has a broad interest in health and has worked at the health food shop in Leongatha for a number of years.

Meaghan Standfield, Meditation Practitioner at Prom Health

Michelle Dimech - Accounts Administrator

Michelle Dimech accounts administrator at Prom Health

Michelle is Xavier's sister. She has been working with Prom Health since 2019. She coordinates reception & the background administrative tasks. Michelle’s skills have been developed from years spent managing numerous small businesses. Much of the success of Prom Health has been due to her valuable contribution.

With her husband Adam, Michelle is raising a bright and fun-loving daughter, named Ellie. Michelle enjoys sharing her passion for gardening, cooking and reading with Ellie. She recognises the importance of saving some time for herself, including taking time out for a regular yoga and pilate’s practice.

Hege Chapman - Receptionist

Hege (pronounced 'hey gah') and her husband Chris ran Tindoona Cottages for 7 years. After selling the business she started working at Prom Health in 2021. Hege has extensive experience in HR & communications. She is a wonderful addition to the team, as she is very caring & brings an astute and vibrant energy to the workplace.

Hege is currently enjoying farm life at Korumburra. She is an animal-lover and has quite a few pets including 3 dogs, a range of birds & sheep. Being originally a proud Norwegian, but also having lived in England and now in Australia, Hege has a very distinctive accent so you won't miss her on the phone.

Hege Chapman receptionist at Prom Health clinic

Fiona Pleiter - Receptionist

Fiona Pleiter receptionist at Prom Health clinic

Fiona relocated to Foster North in 2022 with her partner Adam and joined Prom Health in 2023. Bringing a wealth of experience, she has previously managed a GP clinic for 15 years and worked in a busy endoscopy clinic whilst also volunteering on several committee's in administrative roles. She is incredibly productive and professional.

Fiona is enjoying farm life with 6 cows, 17 sheep, 3 dogs and 1 cat! She has 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren. She likes to spend time with family, camping and car shows. In the coming years, she looks forward to exploring Australia.

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