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About The Clinic

'Prom Country Osteo' was founded in 2019 by osteopaths Laura Malady and Xavier Grech. In 2023, they changed the name to 'Prom Health' and expanded the company to become multidisciplinary. 

Multiple modalities are always involved in a patient's health care. Therefore, the clinic made this change with the aim to be better equipped to address the various unique needs of each patient.

During the transition of changing business names, the location of the clinic also changed to a central hub located at 86 Main Street, Foster. This building was originally a home that was built in the 1950's. We have extensively renovated & extended the building but have retained the beautiful art-deco ceilings and the general character of the house.

The clinic has 6 consultation rooms, plenty of natural lighting, an air filtration system and acoustic & thermal properties. There is disabled access parking & toilet. General parking is on-street.

Company Vision

Our moral compass


  1. Genuine care for others

  2. To be open and non-judgemental

  3. To continuously work on self-improvement

  4. To practice what we preach & lead by example

  5. Provide a safe and nurturing environment to encourage healing & learning

  6. To be adaptable for the individual needs and concerns of each patient


​Our three ideals

  1. Cohesion: a workplace that has robust structures and systems in place to adequately serve the community in a productive & reliable manner.

  2. Connection: a common, united bond between practitioners, staff, patients and the community that is continuously nurtured in a good-natured, empathetic manner.

  3. Performance: individually and as a whole organisation, striving to excel at our chosen endeavours.


Our vision​

Prom Health aims to be a firmly ingrained rock dedicated to helping the Prom Country community and surrounds. Our focus is to provide exceptional health services, that can be trusted and relied upon to show up when in need. We recognise that each individual patient that we help in a positive manner, helps the community to thrive as a whole. As the communities’ health thrives, so do all of the other elements.

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