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Meditation questions and misconceptions.

Updated: 6 days ago

Laura interviews our meditation teacher Meaghan Standfield about some common questions & misconceptions about Meditation.

Woman meditating with tigers in a forest.

1. Why should I try meditation?   

Meditation is for every body in whatever circumstances they face in life. It can be suitable when on a relaxing holiday in the Bahamas, when stuck in a traffic jam or when going through some tough times.

Meditation can give us tools to deal with daily stressors and strains but we don't necessarily need to be under strain to meditate. It can serve the purpose for helping to adapt to issues when they eventually arise. Consider it like prep-work for future adversity.

Often people try meditation if they are looking for ways to manage stress, poor sleep, trouble settling themselves or have a busy mind.  Meaghan recommends that meditation is necessary for everybody to try as the tools practiced during meditation can empower us all in unique and positive ways. 


 2. I don't think that I can meditate. My mind always drifts off or my head is too busy. What do you suggest? 

You are the perfect candidate to join one of Meaghan’s meditation classes. She explains that guided meditation when done in person helps to focus your busy mind on either Meaghan’s words, visualisation, breathing, relaxation techniques or music. These prompts will gently direct your thoughts and allow your body to relax. This style of meditation will suit you well.

 3. I can't sit down for long periods, can I meditate?  

If you find sitting painful or uncomfortable then Meaghan, has a range of tools to help with helping people to find a more comfortable sitting position, such as cushions and bolsters. Sitting options can include using the support of a wall, sitting on a chair, sitting with legs cross or out straight.

Besides sitting, in her classes Meaghan, offers people comfortable mats & pillows to assist with laying down. Her preference is to have people in this position to help foster a deeper sense of relaxation. Many people whom might find sitting challenging are more likely to enjoy meditating whilst lying flat on their back.

 4. Is there such a thing as a bad or failed meditation?  

No, but judging the quality of meditation is a common conundrum for regular meditators. The temptation is to compare each of our meditations against the ones that we found most transformative, such as creating a significant relaxation response. We then chase a replication of that experience with each meditation and when this doesn't occur we end up disappointed. Meaghan encourages people to gently let go of those past experiences and be curious about what may come in the future. 


Meaghan reassures us and encourages us to reframe each meditation experience and unravel the lessons that have been learnt. Meditation functions a tool for us to check in with ourselves and see what our present state of being is at any given time. If we are irritated during meditation, even if the irritation persists, sitting with the irritation can be very helpful when dealing with daily life. If our mind doesn't slow down, then just sitting with and knowing that our mind was very busy is a great starting point on building awareness. Our state of being is always in flux, there is always something to learn and sitting with any thoughts or feelings can be very helpful.

To book in for a meditation class with Meaghan please call us on 03 5959 1900.

Setup for a Meditation class at Prom Health.
Setup for a Meditation class at Prom Health.



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