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Section about osteopathy at Prom Health. Icon of low back pain.


Addresses many muscle, joint and tendon issues such as low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries & arthritis. Management ranging from massage, shockwave & laser therapy, dry needling, taping & exercise prescription.

Section about pschology & counselling services at Prom Health. Icon of a head and brain.


Service to come.

Physiotherapy / Exercise Physiology

Service to come.

Section about Naturopathy & Dietetics at Prom Health. Icon of food.


Service to come.

Section about podiatry at Prom Health. Icon of a foot.


Service to come.

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Photo of the front of the Prom Health Clinic in Foster, Victoria.

About the Prom Health Clinic

Prom Health, previously Prom Country Osteo is a leading Health Clinic in Foster, South Gippsland. We have provided Osteopathy & Exercise Prescription services since 2019.

In the near future we aim to provide services such as Dietetics, Naturopathy, Psychology, Counselling, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology & Podiatry services, so that we can provide an all-inclusive multidisciplinary clinic.

To learn more about the Prom Health Clinic click here.

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