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Meditation class updates

Updated: Jun 14

We have quite a few updates for meditation:

Online bookings are now available

Our online booking system allows you to make an account so that you can edit or add classes at your leisure. Click here to book a meditation class online.

If you are experiencing any issues using the online booking system, feel free to contact us on 03 5959 1900.

Book multi-class passes

As part of the online booking system, we are now able to offer multi-class passes.

5 class pass: $90

10 class pass: $175

Individual sessions are $22.50.

Journalling + Meditation Classes

Enjoy a short period of time (<5 minutes) journalling before doing a meditation session. Meditation and journal both help to promote growth of character through reflection and mindfulness.

These classes are on Tuesdays 7PM at Prom Health.

Relaxation Classes

A particular focus on stress reduction through the use of breath and body awareness. Suited for those with a busy or agitated mind. The teacher Meaghan uses a variety of ways to help you to navigate towards a state of calm.

These classes are on Thursdays 7PM at Prom Health.

Thursday night meditation classes at Prom Health

Tuesday night meditation classes at Prom Health


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